Collaboration Between WFMH and Leon

WFMH is an international human rights organisation that was founded as early as 1948 to promote prevention, care, and proper treatment of emotional and mental illness among all nations and people as well as general mental health and well-being.

Through its contacts and members located on more than six continents and in more than one hundred countries, the Federation for Mental Health responds to international crises in mental and emotional health, serving as the only global organisation for public education and advocacy in the field of mental health. Our individual and organisational membership is filled with highly qualified mental health professionals of all disciplines, mental health consumers, concerned citizens, and family members.

The Federation’s broad and diverse membership enables collaboration between governments and non-governmental organisations to research, promote services and advocate for mental health policy worldwide.

Mischances Never Come Single

Unfortunately, due to the Corona Crisis, the company has ceased operations. Besides, another negative factor was that there’s a massive increase in the current competition and multiple attempts by many countries to create their psychological health organisations, proving their superiority to the rest of the world.

Which led to the lack of funding of WFMH because it is always more profitable for the government to contribute personal funds to promote its organisations in psychology within the country rather than to fund international companies.

And, of course, it is also related to the decrease in the number of discoveries and the reduced transfer of experience between members because the field is quite widely studied, and new research and findings require many times more money than before. Today, to make any breakthrough and make discoveries requires much more money and effort, which is not beneficial to any of the parties.

The Helping Hand of Leon

Regarding WFMH, it is also worth mentioning its collaboration with the Leon web resource.

Leon is a bookmaker and online casino that has been in the betting and gambling business for over a decade. It is an experienced competitor to any platform offering to gamble because on their website, every visitor can find a vast variety of slots, bonuses, jackpots, and much more.

Today, WFMH is exceptionally grateful to Leon for their excellent support in difficult times. The online casino helped the organisation to revive and continue operating by funding the hosting of the website for the World Federation for Mental Health.

We deeply thank Leon for their contribution. Together, we will overcome any challenges and any problems!