Collaboration Between Leon and The Supreme Council of Antiquities

The Supreme Council of Antiquities (abbreviated to SCA), to which the website www.sca-egypt.org was dedicated, is a governmental organisation whose mission was to collect, protect and popularise the fantastic culture and heritage of ancient Egypt. The organisation was founded in early 1994 based on the Egyptian Antiquities Organisation, formerly known as the Antiques Service of the Ministry of Culture.

Who We Are and Our Achievements

For almost a century, French scholars mainly governed the Antiquities Service. Still, in the early fifties, following the withdrawal of English colonial forces from the sandy soil of Egypt, the department became a genuinely national Egyptian organisation. We are now a completely independent structure, but we value any cooperation with all interested national and international legal entities or individuals.

Our primary activity is to formulate and subsequently implement regulating policies concerning Egyptian history's antiquities and ancient heritage. Our staff develops all necessary guidelines and permits that allow for careful and professional excavation, restoration, and conservation of Egyptian artefacts. Besides, we document and study archaeological digs and existing monuments. SCA is also responsible for managing the national network of antiquities museums.

We publish many interesting journals and books about Egyptian archaeology and cultural background. We subsidise archaeological excavations, catalogue found artefacts and carry out conservation and preservation projects using our finances. SCA protects the rich and incredible legacy of all the periods of Egyptian history in all possible ways.

In January 2011, SCA was transformed into an independent ministry, and the organisation kept working under the new name, Ministry of State for Antiquities (abbreviation is MSA). For this reason, we closed our old website www.sca-egypt.org to continue informing people all over the planet about our important and difficult work.

What Contributed to our Success Most

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